What Is Digital Transformation? Does It Matter?

Let’s talk about you.

One thing is clear, no one agrees on what Digital Transformation is.

I did a survey and EVERYONE said something different.

Who cares anyway?

The only thing that matters is your success in the digital world.

One thing is clear―having digital products and being able to market them effectively is critical.

And beyond that, having an agile team that can support your vision is paramount.

We all know working with our team and our customers remotely is a new normal.

That might be the easy part.

The hard part is building digital products so that customers can consume your services partly or completely through a digital channel.

A course, an app, a website…

And secondly, how do you build an effective Digital Marketing campaign to support your product?

Marketing isn’t just about funnels, webpages and flyers.

It’s also the mechanism to get feedback and refine your product to make it better.

Digital products, marketing and agile philosophies go hand in hand in innovative companies.

Without the complete package, you’ll drop the ball or worse fail!

How are you preparing yourself for the digital revolution? Let me know in the comments ⬇️

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