Using Blogs To Create Video For Social Media With Vikram Chalana

Want to create attention-grabbing videos from your blog posts and other text-based content?

There’s a new video creation program called Pictory.

With Pictory, you can take your first step into the world of digital content, creating videos quickly and painlessly from text.

It’s not surprising that the company’s tagline is: 

“We are on a mission to convert verbosity to visual brevity.”

To learn more about Pictory’s new way of creating videos, I spoke with Vikram Chanala, CEO and co-founder of Pictory, during one of my regular LinkedIn LIVE broadcasts. 


What does the Pictory program do?

Vikram explained that Pictory helps you create animated short videos, which work well on social media, such as LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram, or YouTube Reels, and more.


How Pictory creates a video from a blog post

To demonstrate, Vikram selected a blog post, and explained:

“I now have four sentences in my mind [from the blog post], which are highlights that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) identified.

“With those four sentences, Pictory will create a 35-second video, which is perfect for social media. 

“In the next step, I choose the video size I need because social media platforms have different size preferences for various formats.

“Now what’s happening is that for every sentence, AI is picking out the best visual. We have licensed about six million pieces of content from places like Shutterstock and several other sources.”

In the video, Vikram also explains that the program, using AI, can select audio tracks that best suit the mood of the content. It can also choose a male or female voice-over. 


Why create video?

You want to build out your business, but you’re fearful of pulling the trigger and taking one of the most critical digital steps, making videos.

Entering the world of video creation puts you on the path of implementing a marketing template for building a business, possibly a multi-million dollar internet-based business.

All without the help of an outside agency.

And with little or no spend on paid advertising or paid promotion.

Not participating in the growing movement to digital can stall the growth of your business or even destroy it.

Videos build trust and authority for your business with your target audience.

Videos show your prospects that you know their problems and how to solve them.


A solution that can eliminate your fears

One of Pictory’s essential features is that you can imprint your personal touch and brand into your video creativity even if you don’t personally appear in the video.

Fear of creating videos usually stems from being nervous about being front and center on camera talking about yourself and your ideas in your videos.

But now, there’s a solution that will help you break through your fear and create personalized videos that can build your revenues.

With Pictory you don’t have to make a personal appearance.

It lets you jump right into the process, start making videos, and reaching more potential customers.


Why is short-form video better for social platforms?

On social platforms, people want their information fast, in easy-to-digest bites.

On social media, peoples’ attention spans are short.

Long-form videos such as detailed interviews don’t get as much attention on social media as do short videos. 

Ignore the viewer’s preference for shorter videos, and you risk losing customers. 

Short-form content is suitable for the how’s and why’s of the main topics you want to communicate in your video. 

Short-form video is all about getting to the point fast and without much detail.


Don’t spend time creating videos tailored to each platform

You should distribute your short-form videos to as many social platforms as possible. 

But it’s a mistake trying to tailor your videos for each platform. It wastes time and dilutes your message.

Diluting your message makes it harder to get traction on Google through search engine optimization (SEO).

Instead, deliver your main message points consistently and often.

Using Pictory, you convert long-form text content into lively attention-grabbing short-form videos.

Pictory is an excellent program that can make a massive difference in your video efforts, particularly if you are nervous about creating videos. 


Learn more about creating short-form video with Pictory

In the accompanying video, Vikram gives a step-by-step demonstration of how his program works. 

Discover more about Pictory’s capabilities by watching the video and visiting the company’s website:

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