Make Marketing Your Competitive Advantage

We help businesses grow revenue, shorten sales cycles and acquire new clients without the limits of networking or referrals.

Grow Revenue

Attract Ideal Clients

Sales Cycles

Revenue Growth Optimization

Develop a strategic marketing plan that creates demand for your products and services.

We help clients succeed by helping them develop strategies and a framework to drive revenue growth.

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A New Revenue Growth Marketing Framework


1. Build A Strategy

Determine where to focus energy to maximize leverage on your inbound, outbound and content strategy.


2. Set Up A Foundation

Set up data & reporting to measure revenue impact that will support an agile marketing strategy.


3. Execute (Go)

Rapidly and systematically execute on strategy to inform buyers, create awareness and generate sales calls. 


4. Win on Brand

Use social channels to build brand affinity and thought leadership that generates new revenue and shortens sales cycles.

Increase Results Across Your Revenue Cycle

With our framework you’ll see improvement across your entire revenue cycle.

  • Predictable client acquisition
  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Higher close rates
  • Less need for networking and referrals
  • More time to build the business

We Act As Part Of Your Team

We help you turn revenue growth marketing into a core skill your company can use to gain the competitive advantage.

Team Communication

Email, dedicated slack channel and weekly strategy calls

Content Planning

Strategy sessions to map out content for social media, blogs, podcasts, etc

Focused Execution

Shared board for real-time project management and transparency

Performance Reviews

Monthly progress reports with results, learnings and next steps

Grow Your Business

Ready to see how SGP Labs can accelerate growth for you? You’ll learn how our framework can help:

  • Predictably attract ideal clients
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Rely less on networking & referrals
  • Dramatically improve marketing ROI