How To Write Engaging Content People Must Read

It’s important that you write engaging content on social media, otherwise people won’t read it. In that case, it’s a waste of time (unless you learn from it).

When people find value in your posts, they are more likely to “like it”, comment on it, or ask you questions. When this happens it pushes your content out to more and more people, getting more eyes on you and your expertise.

It takes practice to write effectively, many would argue there is an art to it, but there is also a general structure to follow. In story form, you can turn basic ideas into more powerful content.

Below is a post I did on LinkedIn, it explains how to write more effective and engaging content. You can also see the post here on LinkedIn.

I also color coded different parts of the post to highlight the structure so you can repeat the process on your own.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

Want to write engaging content on LinkedIn?

That people MUST read?

I know it’s not easy…

But it doesn’t need to be so hard.

It’s what I’ve been doing on LinkedIn for months.

In video, in posts, in blogs.

And at the previous company I sold.

This is all I do ⬇️

Make it clear what I’m offering.

Create a clear struggle to overcome.

Relate to the frustration.

Explain why it shouldn’t be this way.

Establish some authority.

Explain the process to fix it.

Make a mental contract with you that it’ll work.

Explain the transformation.

And clarify what happens if you do.

(you’ll write effective content)

And what happens if you don’t.

(your content won’t be effective)

That’s all you need.

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