How to automate video uploads to YouTube using Zapier with Irit Levi

Now you can automate uploading your videos to YouTube quickly and hassle-free with Zapier

Creating and publishing videos is now an essential part of reaching your target market through content marketing.

You do this to gain attention, authority, and trust with your target audience.

Creating videos takes time and then even more time to upload your videos to distribution platforms such as YouTube.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to spending endless frustrating hours in the mechanics of uploading.

It’s an automation app called Zapier. 


Talking with Irit Levi about how Zapier can save time for video creators

In one of my LinkedIn Live broadcasts, I talked with Irit Levi, an expert at simplifying workflow. 

In the video, she explains and demonstrates step-by-step how you can use the Zapier app to easily upload the videos you create to YouTube or other video platforms. 

You can use the hours you’ll save in the uploading process to do more of what you could be focusing on, such as creating more video content.

“Once you have your video ready, you don’t want to do the manual work of uploading it to YouTube, sitting in front of a screen watching that [loading] circle going around and around. So I want to show you how to automate the video after I have uploaded it to a unique folder in my Google Drive,” Irit says.

“This is the folder from which Zapier will be pulling all my videos. So any video entered into here will automatically be uploaded onto YouTube.”


The basis of Zapier is a trigger and action sequence.  

“Zapier takes two different apps and it helps them to talk to each other. It’s what’s called a third-party integrator.”

In this case, the Zapier app will be “talking” to YouTube.

“I want to create a cause and effect…in this case, the trigger is whenever I upload a new clip into my Google Drive and want the video clip to upload automatically.” 

Using Zapier is like having a virtual assistant do many of the time-consuming mechanical steps of distributing your video content.


Choosing your video settings on YouTube

There are three settings you can use for displaying your video content once you upload it to YouTube.

1) Private: people cannot view your content without your permission

2) Unlisted: Anyone who has the link to the video can watch it

3) Public: anyone can see your content

Irit suggests that you use the Public setting for publishing your videos to have them viewed and ranked by Google. Setting the video to Public also means the YouTube algorithm can rank your video for display on YouTube.


With the public option, Irit says, “It’s searchable, it’s findable, and it’s going to be crawled by Google.”


SEO is an essential part of publishing your videos

Discussing SEO, Irit says, the more your video description section has keywords about what people are searching for, it will help people find your video on YouTube.

At the bottom of the description of her videos, Irit also puts in her permanent hashtag, which is #makelifeeasier.

She recommends that you always put any hashtags you use often at the bottom of each video description you upload with Zapier.

In the video, Irit also discusses the use of templates which she recommends and finds helpful in the uploading process. She also talks about Zapier’s “test” function; choosing or uploading a thumbnail; and adding your videos to a playlist.

The developers of Zapier say the goal is “to automate whatever tasks you are doing, so you can focus on things that matter.”  

You can get started with the Zapier program for free. Details are on the company’s website:

You can reach Irit at her LinkedIn profile:


How using automation tools help you succeed in your business

Using automation to reduce the time consumed in everyday operations and organizing your business procedures is becoming an essential strategy for excelling in today’s challenging marketing environment.

I’ve found that the number one thing that people complain about with creating content is the time it takes. 

My philosophy is that you have to remove every little pain point in the content creation process, such as time-use, because you will create more content when it’s easier to do. 

Automate with video uploading tools like Zapier, and you’ll have an easier path to success in your target market and in outpacing your competitors.

Fail to automate, and you’ll be left struggling while competitors advance and win.

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