Digital Transformation Is Not A PROJECT.

It’s a mindset.

I hear it all the time, yea we’re a digital company, we went remote, we use Zoom, Slack and we adopted the cloud.

They’ve implemented a lot of digital “projects”, but they haven’t transformed a thing.

Digital transformation isn’t a project, it’s a mindset.

It’s an understanding that you’re no longer just a service business or firm.

Instead, you’re a tech company that HAPPENS to provide services.

It’s a cultural shift that starts with reevaluating what success even means.

How do tech companies define success?

How do agile philosophies fit into your company culture, and who leads that change?

How do you try new things, fail fast and respond to build winning products?

How do you retrain staff and hire new people? What skills do you even need?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re a digital-first company, because you dipped your toe into technology.

Once you rethink what’s possible, then you can define a goal and strategize your transformation.

Without that understanding, you’ll just be making small improvements in an old business.

How are you adopting a true digital transformation? Let me know in the comments! 🔽

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