Make Thought Leadership Your Competitive Advantage

We help professional firms, agencies and consultants grow revenue by creating demand for their products and services.



Attract Ideal Clients

Sales Cycles


"Stephen helped me more than double the size of my firm."

“Over the last year Stephen helped me more than double the size of my firm. He was instrumental in helping me package and communicate my services, develop a results driven digital marketing strategy and streamline my firm with technology.”

Kirk Cole, CPA - CEO / Founder - Simple Accounting Solutions

Make sure you're seen and heard

A modern marketing framework for service-based businesses

Develop thought leadership content

Build an effective content strategy that includes written, video and/or audio content for your target market (audience).

Build awareness and a trusted brand

Efficiently (and effectively) distribute high quality, engaging and shareable content to social media and professional networks.

Generate demand and grow revenue

Establish yourself as the trusted expert in your market and drive new clients to reach out and work with you.

Create awareness and build trust at scale

Get engaging and shareable content in front of the right people. Think of our framework as an operating system for content marketing.

How it works

We break down content marketing into basic building blocks so you get the big picture and can assemble the pieces into your business (or outsource) successfully.

Plug and play

Our Content Distribution Framework ™ is broken into modular plugins which can be selected, configured and installed.

Content plugins

Create high quality content that gives your audience “aha” moments and makes them feel like, “wow I’m glad I saw this”.


Interview subject matter experts, ideal clients and colleagues to generate low pressure content on a regular basis

Informational Videos

Produce high impact, engaging and shareable videos to help your target audience and your professional network



Document internal projects on video and distribute to the public so people can see who you are behind the scenes


Deliver targeted information to your audience to help them and establish yourself as the go to expert

Distribution plugins

Make sure your target audience actually sees your content by: 

social platforms

The Roadmap

Build momentum and start releasing video content within 3-4 weeks.

Strategic action plan

We’ll discuss your existing strategy, the best content and distribution “plugins” to implement (or improve), how to measure success and develop a week by week plan.



By week 3 you’ll be releasing new video content and over 6-12 weeks you’ll have your content marketing machine in place and fully operational.



Once live we’ll review your performance and ensure your content is being seen and that it makes an impact.

Powerful results to grow your revenue

With our content distribution framework you’ll see benefits across your entire sales cycle.

Jennifer Perrow

“Stephen has had a tremendous impact on the ways I market my consulting practice. He pushed me to engage in some strategic marketing practices (particularly around LinkedIn) that have already been fruitful. He’s honest, creative, and brilliant. I highly recommend Stephen and SGP Labs”


Chaya Gutnick

“Stephen really knows how to create thoughtful content that converts! He makes the process simple and easy to do. Highly recommend working with him!”

We'll help you step-by-step

We’ll help you turn marketing into your core competency and your company’s competitive advantage.


Expert advice on articulating value, doing video and overcoming imposter syndrome

Content planning

Content strategy and creative guidance to execute our content framework effectively

Process & Advanced Technology

Proven Processes

Standardized step-by-step processes, how-to instructions, checklists and templates


Software, tools and technology to lay out an efficient infrastructure

Serious about growing your company?