We Help Build & Scale Tech Companies–Go Faster, Reduce Risk & Save Money

We’re not a dev shop—we’re strategists that help you define a clear vision, framework and optimal plan to bring everything to life, on-time and on-budget.





Don't Burn Cash, Time, Or Let Quality Suffer

You’re budgeting 10K to 250K/month on a disruptive SaaS product or software to give you an advantage.

You love technology and innovation.

But you hate that it burns cash and moves slow—you know scaling issues will limit growth and cause users to doubt your product.

You’d like to turn things around fast or avoid pitfalls in the first place.

You May Ask...

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“How can I build software fast and stay nimble?”

“Am I selecting the right tech stack? Can it scale?”

“How do I handle tech debt and a growing code base?”

“How do I scale my team? Does outsourcing fit in?”

"The most thorough and detailed development leader I’ve ever been associated with."

“Stephen is simply one of the most thorough and detailed development leaders I’ve ever been associated with. He has complex technology know-how coupled with amazing communication skills/follow-through. With Stephen’s leadership, I had the confidence of knowing we had a great technology partner who consistently delivered on our vision and was conscious of our budget.”
David Lee - Founder - Worktap Technologies Inc.

What We Do

We help build and scale startups and companies building software or products. We help you go faster, reduce risk and save money.

How We Do It

By implementing a strategic framework that aligns business/product objectives, tech architecture, people and processes in a unified direction.

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Work through tough business/technical decisions in uncertainty


Design, audit and fix brittle, non-scalable tech stacks


Build a strategic team, employee, contractor, agency and offshore


Maximize organizational speed, performance and quality

Why It Works

Our strategies and metric driven tactics have been proven through 10,000+ hours working with clients across multiple industries, and the software company Stephen founded that earned a spot on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies.

"As a non-technical founder, working with Stephen gave me a lot more confidence to effectively manage our development team."

“Stephen’s experience and wisdom was a great asset to the launch of our product. He helped us get organized and drastically reduce the development time by revamping our offshore development, and provided needed insight into how the backend was being done.”

Souhail Salty - Co-Founder - Abound Parenting

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What We Provide



20+ years building tech



Focused on outcomes


A Framework

Proven processes


A Network

The experts you need


Stephen G. Pope

Tech Strategist & Fixer

After 20 years building tech for 75+ startups and companies such as Apple and United Healthcare—Stephen sold the software company he built from scratch (to a team of 25), and then set out to coach others with the same successful strategies.

We learned all the pitfalls and lessons in the trenches to help you on a confident path.

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